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What's really pressing on my mind right now...




Common sense and decency

have taken a vacation

in Dover

Open Spaces

and the environment

I don't believe it has take a vacation in all of Delaware

    Just look at the flurry of anti-American bills passing.  Can anyone in our

    country  honestly  tell  me  that a  minor  child is better off with the state

    rearing the children?

    Yes, exactly that.   That's  what  you  have  when  the state passes laws

    that say a minor child can  make  decisions  without parental / custodial

    knowledge or approval.  This state  is saying you don't have the right to

    decide for your child anymore.

    And a  young child  choosing a race  and gender  and  who knows what

    else  without  parents  being  notified?   And parents actually agree with

    these  laws?   If you  support this,  then have  the courage  to stand  up

    and please explain why.   Seriously,  let's talk,  and help me understand.


    The state takeover of the family has every soldier who ever died for  his

    or her country spinning in their graves.    This is just  an  incredible anti-

    American path down which that these people have taken us.


    It's time to take our country back from these pretenders. 


     A  Democrat  in  Dover  for  District  24  sponsored  a  bill to
     significantly alter the coastal zone.   And since  dem's  don't
     question  what  other  dem's  do,  I  figured  people   weren't
     concerned much about the environment  in the blue state of
     Delaware.  I had lived at the Jersey shore, and used to boat,
     fish, clam, swim, and loved the beach and everything  about
     the shore.  So I'm  pleased to  have  learned  that  people in
     this state still care about the coast and environment.

     In my opinion, Newark-to-Wilmington is marching  toward be-

     coming one huge "metroplex",  jammed  up  and  congested.

     Where is the open space?  It's  disappearing  fast.   And be-

     cause it is getting so congested here,  we  need  to  be sure

     to  protect our fragile environment in the area.   Once  gone,

     it's  difficult  to  recover.   Let's take care of our open spaces

     and  environment  so  it  can  take care of us.  A cliche, sure,

     but it's still true.


     The  most  recent  area  we  are losing is the Rt4 orphanage

     development  that was allowed to proceed.   It's an issue be-

     tween our  failing state  and county officials, all democrat by-

     the-way.   Not one stepped up to take charge of this  project.

     They  were all  out of  their league;  they  don't have  what it

     takes to just get the job done.  They don't have the strength

     for something like this.  So we ALL lost...for good!




It's time to fix things!

And I need your VOTE to do it!!!


Things to consider

Other Issues important to my district


Government Spending


Our state government has bought its way out of having common sense. This has to stop!  It's OUR money. It's time to cut the nonsense out of our state budget.







So goes the school,

So goes the cumminity.


Critical to our success is our children in poverty.  Every day they witness violence, lack support and basic needs such as food and heat.  How can they spend time learning when they need to spend time just surviving?

Teachers want to teach, but are hamstrung by Dover laws, lack of parental engagement, and initiatives that just don't make sense for a basic educational system



Crime and Safety

Crime and drugs run rampant!   We need stronger laws, and stricter enforce- ment at the court level.  Why isn't anyone doing anything about this?   It's time to act.

The business of jobs...

Business, large and small, is what drives our need for jobs, not handouts that create nothing.


Simply put, the more jobs, the fewer people available, meaning employer competition for job seekers, meaning higher paying jobs.  This is the way it works.

Government has to get out of the way of business, not continually tie business up. Especially small business which drives our economy.  One of the greatest reducers of crime is plentiful employment, along with getting more of our youth into America's mainstream.


That's how you break cycles. Individual rights and local jobs and community support are what drive our district's success.


Government has to "get out of our way" and allow us to succeed!


Also, Coastal Zone reform requires all of us to moniter DNREC closely, to ensure all reg's are followed, and that our coast is protected.  Proper monitoring along with the resuling permanent jobs needed can only help our great state.



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Decency and Safety of our Children

Lets just talk common sense and decency when it comes to your children.  They are  minors for a reason.  It's our job to raise our kids; the state does not have that right.  No one else does.

And our gov't is passing laws that result in allowing adult males in girls bathrooms, putting our daughters' safety in jeopardy. Yes, the gov't really is doing this, and a lot more.

If you are honestly for this, and think it's good thing, please make everyone that you know  in your community aware of this, including your friends.

Otherwise, stand with me and fight back!

Children in Need

The Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families has the potential to change culture cycles, allowing for a brighter future for many children.  I want to be sure it's being utilized to its fullest.   This is one those mountains we can move!


It's all about keeping our own money, work, getting back decency and common sense, getting parents involved, knowing we'll build a public education system that helps our kids, and making youth our priority.  It starts with each and every one of us!